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Designing a Room with a Fireplace

This image inspires the idea that when it comes to designing a room with a fireplace, it doesn’t take much to make it cozy. Even in all its simplicity, this room is warm and inviting. Of course, a fireplace always plays a big role in creating that. But the beauty of this space is that this inviting atmosphere is created even with a simple, modern fireplace and minimalist decor. The interesting tile work in this room is noteworthy. With its warm color and intricate mosaic work in the center, it brings some texture and richness to this otherwise pure white space, while maintaining its brightness. Other elements that add important texture to the room include the wood in the storage niche, the picture above the fireplace and the animal print on the modern lounger. There isn’t too much color in the room but the beige of the floor and ochre hues in the picture are in harmony with the flames of the fire. This room proves that with a small amount of furnishings and meaningful choices concerning texture, you can fashion a minimalist yet cozy space for your modern home.


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