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Designer Solid Wood Bed by Ign.Design – Dream

ing design bed dream 4 Designer Solid Wood Bed by Ign.Design – Dream
Ign.Design, who some might call a master in melding modern art with modern furniture, has done it again with this amazing designer solid wood bed. Aptly dubbed “Dream,” this dreamy, natural bed design by Andy Ehrensperger features a low-profile, freestanding frame of solid wood that looks as great pushed against a wall as it does front and center in your room. The mattress and frame are perched on a smaller, stepped-in base which creates the illusion of floating in mid-air. The smooth, curved lines of the frame echo in the integrated bedside table – an ingenious pair of trays, made of the same wood and carved to a rounded shape for your favorite bedtime reading and a lamp. More information is available at Ign.Design.
ing design bed dream 3 Designer Solid Wood Bed by Ign.Design – Dream




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