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Designer Rugs from The Rug Company

designerrug1 Designer Rugs from The Rug Company
The Rug Company presents designer rugs that prove how underrated this creative aspect of home design is. A gorgeous designer rug can make any room come alive with color, texture and warmth. The Rug Company’s rugs are designed by such famous names as Diane Von Furstenberg, Vivienne Westwood, and Marni. Pictured above is the recognisable Paul Smith ‘Swirl’ – with that great combination of unmistakable colors that runs through the designer ’s work. Pictured below is The Rug Company’s own ‘Spectrum’ rug, part of the endless range available, including bespoke designs. Give an open space its own flair by adding the great taste and individual personality of a rug from The Rug Company.
designerrug Designer Rugs from The Rug Company



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