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Designer Wood Furniture from Condehouse – German design with Japanese influence

Condehouse presents Tosai Designer Wood Furniture – the result of a blissful marriage between German and Japanese design. German Bauhaus design is the main influence of the designer of the Tosai furniture, Peter Maly, yet he instinctively connects this with traditional woodcraft of the Japanese interior. The contrasting cultures combine to produce clear shapes, uncomplicated lines and interesting twists. Stainless steel combined with fantastic quality natural woods such as American walnut and white oak characterise the collection. The tabletops also display visible ebony swallowtail wood joints which make the connection between the massive planks all cut from one piece of wood (a technique known as ‘Ippongi’). Individualistic flair with an oriental inclination makes each piece of designer furniture a work of art to be discovered. Display your appreciation of design with an international flair – choose Tosai designer furniture from Condehouse.


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