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Designer Faucet from Rubinetterie Stella – Slow the Flow by Fabio Novembre

Rubinetterie Stella faucet Slow The Flow installed
This serpentine designer faucet has a character all of its own! The stunning creation is part of the Slow the Flow System presented by Rubinetterie Stella and co-designed by Stella and designer Fabio Novembre. Taking the faucet to a new level of sculptural status… the sheer iconic beauty of this piece cannot fail to be appreciated by discerning consumers. Its flowing curves remind the user to stop and value the simple ritual of washing one’s hands, in clean, sparkling water. Likewise, one cannot help but consider the craftsmanship that goes into creating such a flawless piece. Slow the Flow in your own home with a precious faucet from the Rubinetterie Stella.
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Slow The Flow faucet by designer Fabio Novembre


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