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Designer Chair by Fredrik Mattson – new Golden Chair design promotes ‘green’ choice

There is nothing quite like the shimmer of gold to encapsulate the essence of luxury, and the new Golden Chair by Fredrik Mattson is a designer chair that certainly doesn’t do things by halves. Entirely covered by 24 carat gold, the chair was inspired by Mattson’s prize of the ‘Golden Chair’ award. Sumptuous though the designer chair may be, the concept behind it is more sensible than you might think… Eager to end the ecological nightmare of producing natural wooden chairs with up to 70% waste (in a quest to use only the most blemish-free, knot-free wood) Mattson advocates only varnished chairs, in a throwback to the less-wasteful methods of the 19th century. Beautiful varnished surfaces hide the face of the timber and mean that all wood can be used to make furniture – an astute choice to make in view of today’s huge environmental problem of deforestation. The clear conscience of a green choice makes the smooth lines and glossy finish of the new Golden Chair by Fredrik Mattson all the more inviting.


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