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Delicately Soft Knitted Lamps by Studio Meike Harde

With a decidedly feminine appeal, Knitted Lamps are a fun and airy reinterpretation of what a lamp can be. The ethereal base and shade are all one unit comprised of an acrylic frame with a knitted stretchy polyester-yarn covering that gives it the soft, “touch me / feel me” appeal. The larger the lamp frame, the more the knitting is stretched which increases the size of the voids between the yarn.

The transparency of the Knitted Lamp creates a see through silhouette that allows anything behind it to be as prominent as the lamp itself. This makes it the perfect table lamp to use within a layered vignette, especially one that features a painting or photograph leaning up against a wall behind it – you will be able to see the complete picture!
With a traditional shape, a modern application and multitude choices of colours the Knitted Lamp is easy to work into almost any design scheme.
The knitted mesh is fixed beneath the lampshade as well as the base to make sure no wrinkles will present themselves – no matter how much handling they get and with their soft, playful, visceral appeal they will surely be touched by all who come in contact with them.
Studio Meike Harde
Via Archi EXPO


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