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Luxury Tiles by DesignTaleStudio – 24-karat Gold & Platinum tiles

If creating an atmosphere of opulent panache is your precedence, these 24-karat Gold and Platinum luxury tiles from DesignTaleStudio are sure to serve you well. To accent your interior, the Pareti Platinum and Pareti Gold tiles incorporate precious 24-karat precious metals. Exclusive items of beauty for your home, the two limited edition collections are of only 150 pieces each. An unparalleled opportunity to create a inimitable look anywhere in your home, the Pareti luxury tiles are a high-impact combination. Now you can enjoy the effect of prized metals on your walls everyday… rather than keeping your collection of gold and platinum hidden away for special occasions. Thrill your guests with these truly sumptuous tiles from DesignTaleStudio.


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