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Decorative Sofa by Teo Jasmin

Teo Jasmin is an expert in digital printing and a freelance designer who has put her skills together to create her amazing decorative sofa among many other fabulous decor items. The sofa is made of painted beech wood with a matte vinyl seat cushion. By digital printing process, different photographic works are incorporated onto the back of the sofa – deeming it, well, very decorative! It seems there are quite a few photographic scenes to choose from, such as Paris roof tops, New York City skyline, pop art and even the Union flag. These sofas are very unique and expressive and are certain to generate a pleasurable impression on those who see it or sit in it. The style of the sofa itself is reminiscent of classical design but the digital prints and choice of finishing make them modern and fresh. Visit Teo Jasmin to see more.



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