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Decorative Fireplace Bio-oh! – bioethanol fireplaces by Puur Vuur Belguim

These bioethanol fireplaces by Puur Vuur Belguim will have you oohing and aahing for all the right reasons. The Bio-oh! fireplace can be installed virtually anywhere in your home, since it does not require a chimney. Transform any room into a cozy nook with a flickering bioethanol flame that burns with an authentic “hearth and home” look. This modern design features wide but narrow burners (measuring 50 to 90cm) hidden within a stone setting. Use small, clean, white stones for a contemporary setting, or play with size and color to achieve different looks. With up to 20 hours of burn time and low consumption (just 0.5 liters per hour), the Bio-oh! bioethanol fireplace is an urban essential. For more details visit Puur Vuur.



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