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Sustainable Bio House with Hydroponic Rooftop Garden

This sustainable bio house designed by Spanish architects Cloud9 has a green jewel in its crown – literally! Topped with hydroponic rooftop garden, this futuristic house design truly has it all: aesthetics, function, purpose, and a social conscience. Taking shape as a giant C-shaped spiral, the home is centered around this upper garden sprouting from volcanic stones – an unexpected element in this traditional residential neighborhood here in Llers, Spain. Take a look!

This eco sustainable house certainly stands out in a crowd. The glass and concrete lower and upper levels are separate, allowing for expansion and contraction of materials without getting the whole house bent out of shape, so to speak. The slope house plan follows the hillside with a slight stepped layout.
At the base of the slope, the house ends with a massive window wall, offering tons of natural light and unobstructed view. What takes shape as a pool is filled with gravel, mirroring the mass of glass looming over it.
Just on the other side of the glass, interiors boast a straightforward simplicity and a cool, cave-like appearance, thanks to the raw concrete walls and large glazed opening – the mouth leading in. Overhead, a Sivra fixture by iGuzzini modifies the amount of light emitted depending on the natural light coming in. The darker it is outside – and thus, inside – the brighter it shines!
Homeowner Giovanna de Uzin Fontecha relaxes in the master bedroom, taking in the panoramic vistas while kicking back in a sleek Leaf chaise by designed by Claesson-Koivisto-Rune for Living Divani. The floor to ceiling, wall to wall glass create an alfresco feel indoors.
Though cool and contemporary in virtually every respect, this house has a playful side, from its unusual silhouette and unexpected rooftop garden, to funky features like these interior glass-tile walls.
Like the rest of the house, the bathroom boasts an industrial feel, thanks to the concrete walls and what remind us of portholes – small circular windows lending natural light without compromising privacy. We love the vibrant tiled shower!
The vast concrete walls are broken up by an undulating wave pattern running along its facade.
Overhead, homeowner Carles Fontecha gives his rooftop garden a drink!
While underfoot… Due to the lot’s small size, the parking area was tucked underneath – smart, and functional, a recurring theme of this cool eco house.
via Dwell
photo credit: Gunnar Knechtel


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