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Decorating with Angled Walls and Unusual Items

Feast your eyes on this decorating scheme made interesting by angled walls and unusual items. The Brent Knoll house was revamped by March Studio. The client wanted a detached extension constructed in such a way that would allow for large gatherings of people while at the same time, providing some quiet nooks to escape to. The result is an extension that twists and turns at unusual angles, which are nicely reflected in the interior. Using the odd shaped walls, features such as triangular windows and angled wooden paneling created immediate interest in the space. The interior finishing materials are inspiring as well. Wood and glass along with raw pressed metal, concrete work and recycled antique advertising signs keep the space rich and modern looking. How amazing is that ceiling? Learn more about the designers at March Studio.
Photo credit: John Gollings Photography
via PlusMood.



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