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10 Ways To Decorate Your Porch This Summer

Time to create new memories outdoors. What better way to do just that than to sit on your porch and entertain new guests or spend time alone enjoying the great outdoors. Whether you want to entertain or spend time alone, you want to decorate your porch to make it as comfortable as possible. Here are a few ways you can do just that in the most-summery way.

Keep it Light

Light and airy decor is perfect for the porch area when you want to have a summery space that makes everything look better. Keep the decor neutral and with multiple different shades of white. Pair with floral shades for a brightening effect.

In the summer months, you want to keep it light and airy. Not only will it give you a crisp and clean, but the space will appear lively and fresh. The summer is the perfect time to swop your darker décor for lighter, more feminine hues, that help make the space feel larger

Colorful Furniture

Keep it trendy, keep it bright and bring in as much color as possible. The idea is to add contrasting hues that that work together. Pair with bold patterns to bring everything together. Color blocking is another wonderful way to bring the summery touch while working with color.

Keep it simple, but add color. The perfect way to do just that is to add colorful furniture that brings the freshness of spring directly to your front porch. Consider adding the colorful element, even in the back porch for a perfect touch.

Set up a Bar

Don’t have the space to have a bar? The key is creating your very own with items you may already have at home. Go the DIY route for a cute bar that has everything you want to drink while still being portable. Ensure to have cups and natural fruit to keep it simple yet put together.

Yes, you read that correctly set up a bar right on your porch. A porch bar is great for entertaining and bringing indoor fun directly outdoors. The idea is to have a small bar that brings that happy hour feeling any time of the day. Lay out a few cups as well to ensure you are always prepared.

Add a Swing

A porch swing is great for a versatile look. It brings a home feel that brings the space together even in the most simple of spaces. You may even want to add a cozy blanket for cooler warmer nights that bring you the satisfaction of being outdoors even during the later hours.

We love the idea of an outdoor swing, its calming and adds the perfect extra seating area while still being fun. Pair your swing with simple seating to bring forth the feminine texture in the room. You may also want to add textured cushions to brighten the space.

Change Your Pillows

Change your cushions for fun ones that are bold, daring and colorful yet match with your decor. The key is having bold hues that feel summery with hints of crisp and clean patterns. 

If you already have a well-decorated porch, it is time to swop your darker pillows for brighter hues. This is the easiest and cost-effective way to bring a bit of Spring to any space of the home. Consider colors and patterns in shades of green, yellow, red and orange for a spring and summery touch.

Rustic Accent

Even in the warmer weather, any home could make good use of having a rustic touch. Add a few wooden elements or even rope for the classic farmhouse touch that stands out even during the summer time. This is another way to smoothly transition the decor from fall/winter.

Add a rustic accent to your porch in small doses. Use a barrel or even small wooden side tables to get the rustic feel without overwhelming the space. Pair with neutral hues and shades of blue of an authentic farmhouse flair.

Add Lighting

Lighting is key, always. Especially during the evening hours. Therefore, adding extra lighting will bring everything together. Consider adding lamps or chandeliers for that elegant, classic appeal. Doing so will bring the lighting right where you need it. 

During the summertime, you will probably spend more time outdoors which is where lighting comes into play. Add a few light fixtures and pair it with string lights to brighten up the space while still having a whimsical, romantic feel.

Add Plants

Plants and flowers are excellent sources of color especially when you want to bring a boldness without adding any elements of furniture to the space. Keep the decor simple and allow your plants to make the main statement they are intended to make.

Plants are an excellent addition to your porch, not only will they be getting the sunlight they need, but they will bring that “tropical” feel to the space. Use bright plants and mix in a few greenery pieces to complete the look.


Rattan and/or Straw

Rattan is the perfect material for your outdoor space due to its refreshing look and feel. Keep decor colorful for the perfect contrast, The idea is to have a resort feel even in your front porch.

Nothing screams summer quite like furniture made out of rattan. Rattan is airy which is perfect when it’s warm out and you do not want to sit on a hot leather piece. Instead, swop your leather piece for rattan and enjoy a cooler area.

Summer is right around the corner, it may be time to change your décor and bring the beautiful outdoor hues directly to your front porch.


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