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Rustic Farmhouse Porch DéCor

Timeless, elegant, unpretentious, and chic are a few ways to describe rustic farmhouse décor. Rustic décor seems to make every space of a home feel cozy, and that includes your porch. Why not give your porch a welcoming effect by adding rustic farmhouse décor? The idea is to bring a bit of country chic to the first steps of your residence. Here are a few ways you can do just that.

Wooden Welcoming Signs

A simple welcome sign on a piece of wood can make a huge difference in the appearance of your porch. Not only is it welcoming but it feels cozy and rustic while being simple. Pairing it with a plant or rustic lantern works best.

Nothing screams rustic quite like wooden items. Adding a wooden sign to your porch space for that rustic appeal that is simple yet will get the job done. We recommend going the DIY route with this one as it will provide that natural rustic appeal you want. Simply grab a piece of wood large enough to make a statement and write a welcoming sign in a bright hue.

Group Lanterns

If taking a group of lanterns and placing them near the stairway of your porch does not appeal to your decorative senses, consider using a rustic table and placing them on it instead. Doing so will feel rustic while still being welcoming and modern.

Taking a group of 2-3 lanterns and place them on your porch together. This will create a romantic atmosphere directly in the front of your home. The key is placing the lanterns around the stairs of your porch, so they illuminate the space while still making a rustic statement.

Hanging Porch Bed Swing

How relaxing does that look? Having a hanging bed swing on your porch screams long night conversations while watching the sunset. A hanging bed swing is calming, chic and a classic staple of any rustic home. Additionally, it adds another seating area to your porch that can host 2-3 guests at once. 

There is something whimsical and enchanting about having a hanging swing bed as part of your porch décor. A collection of well-loved pillows with a throw blanket will make a difference in making your outdoor space feel like part of your living room.

Shabby Chic Cluster

Having a cluster of items means you will create a personalized space that has items that mean things to you. The best way to create this cluster is to use items from inside your home and take use it as decor on your porch. The trinkets you use will make the porch area feel like an extension of you.

A shabby chic cluster of items you no longer want in the inside of your home can give you the rustic appeal you want on the outside instead. The key is collecting rustic, farmhouse pieces and pairing them together to create a collection of well-loved items in one simple space. You may want to add a bench to complete the look.

Porch Cabinet

A porch cabinet may scare many homeowners because its a hold statement piece. However, when done correctly it can become a focal point that is difficult to miss. The key is adding in decor pieces that add to the rustic feel and season. You can place signs that speak encouraging words or you can include different flowers.

Porch cabinets are not only versatile, but they are great when you want to display a few trinkets at the same time while not occupying much space. This is an excellent set up during the holidays as it allows you to place all your holiday décor in one simple space.

Black Rocking Chairs

Rocking chairs are great because of their timeless appeal to them. Their timeless appeal brightens up the space in a cozy type of way. Pair them with a center accent table for the best outcome. You can even add throw pillows for a classic appeal.

Although, rustic farmhouse décor is big on wooden items when it comes to using rocking chairs as part of your porch décor you want to go with a neutral color such as black. Black works well in neutral spaces while still making a bold statement. Pair your rockers with an antique accent table for the perfect conversation set up.

Barn Door Chic

Barn doors are chic. They may seem like they aren’t as many homes already have them but it is quite the contrary. Barn doors make great decor. Paint them a soft hue and have them around your home for that rustic appeal that is super modern and trendy.

You would be surprised how well a barn door can work in any space. The rustic appeal of using barn doors as part of the décor adds a charming twist even to your porch space. Paint your barn doors a cool shade of gray for a twist on a classic neutral. Keep the rest of the porch hues in the same gray family for a well put together look.

Hues of Green

Different shades of green will work differently in any space. The key is to use a multitude of green hues and pair them with neutral tones such as tan, white, gray and off-white. These shades will make the green tones stand out and make a bolder impact.

When in doubt of what shades to use in your porch space for a rustic farmhouse appeal the answer is quite simple, use the color green. Shades of green throughout your porch will bring the rustic appeal in a fresh manner. The freshness of the green items will brighten the wooden items you may already have. You may also want to work with plants as they bring the shades of green while being movable and interchangeable.

Cozy Haystacks

If using haystacks on your porch seems like a bit of a stretch consider using them as part of the decor instead. Take a few stacks of hay in smaller versions and use them as stepping stones for the decor. You can use them to elevate your lanterns or you can use them as accent chairs when you have a large guest list at home.

Haystacks are easy to get and even easier to place on your porch. Place a few haystacks near the entrance of your porch with a few blankets for that cozy appeal that works for every season. You may even want to incorporate a pillow or two for that cozy sitting area that brightens up the area.

50 Shades of Gray

Using different shades of gray means you can work around that color palette and add other hues that will brighten up the area and give a cozy feel exactly where you need it. The charming color will expand the space and give it that well rounded charm you seek.

Gray is one of the most versatile shades to work with. It works well in numerous different settings and that includes your porch area. Add different shades of gray to your porch for a well put together look that screams rustic farmhouse in a modern way. The key to using hues of gray is making the space appear modern with hints of rustic charm.

What of these rustic farmhouse décor options for your porch is your personal favorite? Please let us know in the comments below.


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