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Zen Style Home on the Spanish Seaside

Spanish architects Modo Architecture & Design are the brains behind the Square House in Menorca, Spain. This contemporary Zen style home blends a cool white facade with warm wood details and a sprawling wood deck that doubles the home’s living space. And it’s fitting – with scenery like this most of your living would be done outside! Large windows, sliding-glass doors and open-air balconies invite the outdoors in with views of an expansive wood deck housing a pool and lounging area outside. Just beyond the borders of this seaside house are endless views of water. At just 180m2, this compact home is small but sweet. Minimalist both in its simple square shape and clean, white exterior, the home’s minimalist interior continues in the same vein, with a palette of wood on white that gives this Zen style home an easy flow and a calming atmosphere. Modo Architecture & Design
via Contemporist



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