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Ways To Decorate An Open Floor Plan Without Overcrowding The Space

Having an open floor plan is all fun and games until you want to decorate and create a cozy space without overcrowding the room and can’t figure out how to do so. The key is using elements that bring beauty and personality, yet give you room enough to work around them. Another factor to take into consideration is the separation of rooms, many open floor plan homes offer little to no room separation. Here are our favorite ways to decorate an open floor plan while getting the most out of your space.

Focus on a Focal Point

We love the idea of a modern and unique fireplace as the main focal point, is perfect when you want that contemporary touch felt throughout the entire living room area. For that bold contemporary touch paint your fireplace backdrop a gemstone hue to bring that stark modern touch.

When decorating or rearranging a room, you want to focus on a focal point and allow that to guide you. Using the focal point as the main focus allows a space to appear less intimating and more available to creativity. If you have a gorgeous fireplace or a fab window space, focus on that and rearrange all larger pieces around it.

Rugs, Rug and Rugs?

If your open floor plan is quite expansive and there isn’t much division a rug is a perfect way to go. The rug will create seamless division exactly where you want it. This is the perfect way to break down your decorative space.

In larger rooms or rooms that are connected in a way can easily be separated and defined by rugs. We love the visual aspect of a rug as it opens the space up while having a bold definition that outlines the function in that specific room.

Don’t Forget the Accent chairs

Accent chairs are the perfect additional furniture pieces due to how much personality they bring while still being simple. To further enhance the area consider colorful chairs, the color will add to the room while adding focus to your living room area.

While it may seem like a good idea to purchase a sectional and not deal with the rest of the space. However, if you want to bring a cozy, intimate feel adding a variety of seating throughout the room can be a great way to do so. One or two accent chairs not only bring extra seating, but they are conversation starters.

Designated Areas

Having a dining space or a breakfast nook with simple seating is an excellent way to do that. We love the idea of bright chairs brings the main focus of your eating space. Doing so brings direct focus to that area while still breaking the space down.

If you have a larger than life space and want to make it work for you, add a designed area. This can be done by adding a small workspace, a breakfast nook or a reading space. The key working with furniture pieces that feel and look cozy while still being double duty.

Get Creative

Getting creative is one of the best ways to bring your personality on display in your home. The key is adding colors and textures that further emphasis who you are and what message you would like your home to portray.

An open floor plan allows you to get creative with your furniture pieces. If you are a big fan of eclectic décor this is the perfect space to add that unique lamp you love or that accent table that seems to not fit anywhere else.

Add Accessories

Accessories come in multiple different colors and formats so much so that you can change your entire feel with simply having the right accessories. Add colorful pillows and display them around the room for a welcoming feel.

Do not be afraid to accessorize your home with fun throw pillows, cozy blankets and/or both. Additionally, they both bring color and texture while adding that intimate feel that you want your open space to have.

Bring on the Lights

Consider adding a different light fixture per space. Doing so seperates the different areas of your home even when you have an open floor plan. Furthermore, it creates a cozy touch due to the different lighting that is displayed throughout.

Light fixtures are great not only because they brighten the room, but because they add warmth as well.  In order to create an inviting feel, consider having multiple lights, including table lamps, a pendant and/or even sconces. Place them around the space and allow them to bring that natural cozy feel.

Wallpaper a Wall

Your wallpaper does not always need to be “loud and daring” sometimes a space simply needs a hint of pattern in a neutral hue to come back to life. The pattern will expand the room while being put together and having that classic wallpaper appeal.

Large spaces typically come with added large empty walls. Therefore, it only seems fitting to incorporate a wallpaper on the wall. The wallpaper will take up a large amount of wall space while still being prominent in the room and offering rich, daring, color.

Add in Drapes

Drapes are great when you want that added touch of privacy but also want to have color and/or texture added to a room. They are perfect additive pieces that bring an entire space back to life.

If an added touch of privacy is needed drapes are the perfect way to achieve this look while adding an extra layer of texture and beauty. The key is using drapes that add to the space in a simple, minimal manner. The folds of the fabric used will offer privacy while still creating a softer feel to the space.

Naturally Green

Plants are beautiful additions to any room as they bring that natural feel directly indoors. Which is always a good idea when you want to brighten up a room with a natural element. Houseplants also works well when you want to add color without added items.

Houseplants, flowers and/or a mixture of both is a great way to make an open space feel more natural and put together. So much so, that you can have large or small houseplants spread around for an organically romantic feel. Consider having several areas of the room, pulled together with simple plants.

Have an open floor plan? How are you decorating it? Sharing with us your tricks to bringing a cozy touch to your open space.


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