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Trendy Ways to Decorate an Awkward Corner

When it comes to decorating and upgrading your space every corner, and area counts. Even the awkward spaces and the not so chic corners. It may take a little bit more time and creativity, but it can be achieved. Take your awkward corner and transform it into a beautiful space that enhances your home’s décor by simply rearranging the space and making it come back to life. Here are a few trendy ways to decorate and use an awkward corner.

A Quiet Seating Area

quiet corner Trendy Ways to Decorate an Awkward Corner
If you really want to expand in your special corner consider adding multiple different chairs and even stools. This will create an inviting space that you will want to continuously use time and time again. You can also include diferent accent pillows to bring the decor together. 

An awkward corner may like a difficult space to decorate. However, when in doubt making it a seating area instead.  Take your awkward corner and transform it with a simple round table and a chair. One simple chair will do. Ensure to have books and/or flowers on the table at all times for an added touch of sweet décor.

Display Art

pictures in corner Trendy Ways to Decorate an Awkward Corner
Pictures are an excellent way of fixing an awkward corner. Fill the space with multiple different images that mean something to you or resemble your personality. Choose multiple different sizes for an intricate wall gallery.

There is nowhere better to display art in a home than an awkward corner. They are in a corner for a reason. Display similar images in the corner you wish to fill up and even add a chair for a cute addition that allows your guests to sit and admire each piece.

Curved Sofa

A sofa in front of a large window can do the trick that you seek. If the sofa is not curved then you can also use a love seat. Loveseats are larger then accent chairs, that makes them perfect for taking up just the right amount of space.

If the awkward space in your home happens to have a curvature adding a small sofa that takes up the space is a great way to fix that area. Consider adding a bright sofa that will add color and dimension without taking up much space. Or if the space is large contemplate create a second small living room.

Built-in Bookcase

A built-in bookcase adds character to any room it is placed in especially if it is in a corner space. Add books that attract your eye as it will cause you to want to read more often and make the space more personal to you. A stool in front of the bookcase is always a good idea as well. 

Depending on the size of your awkward corner you may be able to have a built-in bookcase. Built-in bookcases are great for fixing an awkward corner because of their size. The bigger the corner or the space is the bigger the bookcase can be. Bookcases are modern yet offer an interesting twist that can appear vintage depending on the color that they are. Consider painting your bookcase a bold color for an additional take on this trend.

Vintage Chest

Combine your vintage chest with a swing for a modern take on a vintage classic. You might also want to add other pieces such as a modern painting or a plant. You can even incorporate a mirror for an added touch. A small stool would also work well with this decor. 

If you have a narrow corner that you are unsure what exactly should be done in that space a vintage chest could be the answer. Paint it a bold shade of blue, yellow, or red to give it a bold twist. Or keep it a neutral tone for a touch of vintage that is still understated.


A modern lamp can be exactly what the space needs in order to upgrade the look. Add a bold chair or sofa to complete the look. You also may want to add a natural touch for the space so it can look put together but still effortless.

One of the best ways to decorate and elevate an awkward corner is by adding lighting. Awkward corners tend to create a shadow which causes them to be dark. Adding a unique light fixture to the space can make the corner seem less awkward and more part of the décor.

Cool Seating

An intricately shaped chair adds an extra layer of modern into the corn space. The more interesting the chair is the better it will appear and be. It can even become a conversation piece if you chose a chair that really catches the eye of other.

Add a cool chair to the area for an extended seating space that removes the awkward aspect of the awkward corner. When looking for the perfect chair to add to the corner or space, consider adding a bold, colorful chair or a chair in an interesting shape. You may even want to consider adding a stool.

Add a Bar

Your bar does not need to be a liquor bar. You can actually have any bar you would like such as a coffee bar, candy bar or even a breakfast bar. The idea is to create a bar that truly represents your favorite items in your home. Have a dark wood bar for an amazing contrast with your other furniture. 

Have you always wanted to have a bar in your home, but didn’t think you had the space needed for it? If this is the case, then your awkward corner is the answer. Awkward corners work exceptionally well for an added bar area. You can choose to have a small bar or a big bar it will truly depend on the size of the space. This will work exceptionally well if the awkward corner is in your kitchen space or near the kitchen or living room.

Make the Corner the Main Attraction

Your focal point can be a playing area for your kids or even a study space. The idea is to consume the space with items that add to your decor and brighten up the space while still being interesting to look at on its very own. Bold colors can help with that just like interesting patterns.

Having an awkward corner can cause you to struggle with how to decorate the entire room. Instead of trying to diminish the beauty of the corner make it the main focal point. You can choose to center your entire living room around it or even add a focal point such as a fireplace or coffee table.

Create a Reading Space

If you have windows in your awkward corner you can also create a reading nook by adding a seating bench. A seating bench is also a great idea because of the multiple things you can do with it. You can use it as a second seating area, exclusively as a reading area or as a piece of decoration. Add a pattern or bold accent cushions to complete the look.

If having a table in that space does not grab your attention transform the space into a reading nook instead. Reading nooks look and work well in multiple different areas in the home. They look good and comfortable which may prompt your guests to want to sit in this space instead.

Your homes, awkward corner does not need to be awkward it can actually be quite charming if you design it the proper way. Let us know which of these ideas you want to try at home in the comments below.



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