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Dark and Dramatic Tel Aviv Apartment by Pitsou Kedem

A historical Tel Aviv apartment by architecture firm Pitsou Kedem turns traditional home designs on their head, from its unconventional layout and hardware, to soft elements like decor that still pack a punch. Pivoting glass walls on the lower, and a chain-like half wall on the upper leave the home’s open concept aesthetic intact. Artificial light illuminates the sunken lower floor and gives them a saturated brightness demanded by below-grade living areas, while overhead, natural light fills the spaces in a modern natural, neutral atmosphere. The lower level housing a work space and a bath, while upstairs, the kitchen and living areas lead out to a terrace. The view from the industrial staircase rising between levels illustrates the stark difference between the two within the overall design.

The lower level features a bathroom in one quadrant, and an office in the other. A large mirror and the white vanity and walls pop against the black background and amplify the natural light spilling in from the stairwell. The bright rug and yellow stained wood chair offer a splash of interest.
Past the pivoting glass walls, an industrial style, folded steel stair rises up from the depths toward the light. A concrete wall and ceiling enclose this intriguing nook.
An opening in the stairs makes an interesting addition (or rather, a subtraction) and provides a new perspective to admire the view!
A chain-link fence encloses the stairwell, in keeping with the home’s prevailing industrial theme.
The red detail is a nice touch, adding a subtle color without being obtrusive.
Who needs a window when you have interior views like this!
Topping the stairwell, the chandelier is part spider, part robot, all awesome.
Upstairs, a private bath, kitchen, dining area and living area are dark and brooding, thanks to exposed unfinished concrete, black walls and steel.
The kitchen is contemporary through and through, featuring stainless steel appliances, countertops and cabinets and a, integrated light bar stretching across overhead – a simple industrial touch.
In contrast to the industrial elements, the living area off the kitchen is surprisingly warm and cozy. A large cushioned sofa invites you to sit, read and chat, while an arched door offers a classic touch.
That’s not to say the living area isn’t modern. The dark grey upholstery, vibrant red-and-white rug and contemporary style coffee table are all perfectly in tune with the home’s forward-thinking aesthetic.
Multiple windows provide plenty of essential natural light and views outside.
The view in from the patio…
And the view out. This small but sweet and secluded spot lets residents step out for a breath of fresh air and a peek at the outside world.
Visit Pitsou Kedem for more cool house designs.


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