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Danze Kitchen Faucet – new Bellefleur Pull-Out Faucets

With a name befitting their beauty – the new Bellefleur ‘Beautiful Flower’ Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet is from Danze. A truly organic look is achieved in the styling of the Bellefleur range – these faucets look as though they have just been plucked from a garden. The elegant spout droops gracefully like a flower… and the handle resembles nothing so closely as a perky leaf. The botanical inspiration for the design makes these faucets not only highly approachable, but also suitable for use in a wide range of kitchen styles, including the transitional. The Bellefleur Single Handle Kitchen Faucet with Spray pictured here is available in chrome or stainless steel finishes. For those who take time to smell the roses, there are Bellefleur Danze kitchen faucets.


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