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Danish faucets made in Italy – inspired by Chrysler De Soto vintage cars

The De Soto faucet range is the perfect combination of form and functionality. Made by Italian company Fima Carlo Frattini, the extraordinary faucets are designed by Danish designer Hans Thyge. The collection is in fact inspired by the clean lines of ‘De Soto’ vintage cars made by Chrysler! Like the beloved vehicles, these faucets are produced with the utmost care to detail and sophisticated technology. A slim, flat spout emerges at the front of the faucet to deliver a generous, waterfall-like cascade of water. The joystick handle juts out smoothly to the right, and the entire structure is top with a smooth expanse of chrome shelving, which can be used to accommodate another small glass shelf, or perhaps a pretty vase, as shown here. A very unusual feature, the decorative/practical addition of this shelf or vase makes the De Soto faucet stand out from the crowd. Available from Fima Carlo Frattini, the De Soto is unforgettable.



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