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Cute Stove – La Graciosa by Palazzetti

What’s not to love about this cute stove? La Graciosa by Palazzetti, designed in collaboration with Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, features a lovable hearts motif – this designer’s hallmark – complemented by a heart-shaped window through which a flickering flame dances behind glass. And we absolutely love the retro shape of this stove – a gently rounded, rectangular vertical silhouette that is instantly at home in any space. This pellet stove is fully programmable, and features constant heat and even distributes via radiation and convection technology, and made of Hot Stone material, it gradually heats up and stays hot long after it’s been turned off. This cute stove is sure to keep your home hot, hot, hot – not just in temperature, but also in style. More information on La Graciosa is available by visiting Palazzetti.



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