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Curvy Chairs and Stools by Martz Edition

Jean-Pierre Martz is an industrial designer who set up his furniture company, Martz Edition, in June 2011. His “specialty” are organic shaped chairs and stools made in plywood and metal, in various shapes and sizes. Though the number of designs is fairly limited, the fact that each model is available in so many different materials and combinations makes the collection very rich. The Martz collection is made up of three main collections- Tube, Ellipse and Galaxy, each consisting of two to four different models. Ranging from high stools to (arm)chairs and child chairs, these collections offer a playful variety of materials and colors. The structure of the chairs is made in plywood or metal. The curved plywood can be veneered, varnished or lacquered in different colors and wood essences. The metal versions come in painted steel or aluminum, with full or laser cut backrests. The laser-cut patterns range from lacy flowers to more geometrical and architectural ones. The seat and backrest can be upholstered in different materials such as fabric, vinyl or leather, with basically an infinite number of combinations. The designs are sleek and sophisticated, and can be used in various scenarios, from home to contract. Even little ones are spoiled by the designer with a very cute child version!



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