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Curvacious Glossy White Home

curvacious glossy white home addition in spain 1 thumb 630x420 27838 Curvacious Glossy White Home

Though this house may look like a totally new building, it is actually a recent rehabilitation and expansion of an existing holiday home built in the early 1960’s. Situated in the Spanish town of La Coruna, the new glossy curvacious building stands completely in a neighborhood with very traditional architectural style. Still functioning as a holiday home, the purpose of the addition was for the house to be able to gather the whole extended three generational family under the same roof at the same time, while still providing comfort and privacy for everybody. Spanish architects Dosis de Arquitectura kept the existing structure and added a new module to form a L shape, with the initial house as the short side of the L and the new addition as the long side. Though the existing house is traditional in shape and style, the addition is completely different from all points of view, in style, shape and materials. Meandering southwards from the initial structure, the extension’s main feature is the complete lack of edges. The white glossy structure is organically flowing into the garden, with curvacious glass surfaces. The only flat surfaces are the horizontal ones, organized on two floors plus a vegetal flat roof created as a rooftop garden. The existing part of the house is dedicated to the older generation and also to the communal social functions. The extension is occupied by the two younger generations, so the whole extended family can spend holidays together in a comfortable way.

curvacious glossy white home addition in spain 2 thumb 630x420 27840 Curvacious Glossy White Home

The landscaping of the garden follows the same organic concept like the house extension, with alleys that meander on the lawn. It integrates a pool with organic irregular shape, that seems to insinuate itself into the curves of the house.


The flat roof of the extension is landscaped as a rooftop garden, offering an alternative meeting and socializing spot for the family, that allows admiring the view of the valley at the same time. The balustrade, same as on the first floor balconies, is made in metal wire mesh and follows the curves of the house. The advantage of the material is the visual lightness and transparency, so it serves its purpose without interfering with the design of the house.


The glossy white composite material covering the facades of the extension in very unexpected outdoors, as it is a surface mostly used for indoors. Even more impressive are the curved windows and doors, the bent glass taking the shape of the house.


Inside the house, the walls of the rooms follow parallel to the facades, creating rooms with irregular curvy shapes. The floors are in white glossy resin and have the advantage of creating continuous, joint-less surfaces. The cupboards and wardrobes are integrated as well in the curvacious walls.


There is a contrast of textures between the rough concrete base of the spiral staircase and the flawless glossy white surfaces. Same for the outside concrete stairs that run alonf the glossy facade.


There is something almost surreal, almost heavenly about these long immaculate spaces flooded by light. The furniture is also white, nothing comes to stain the perfectness of the white surfaces.




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