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3 Storey Home Addition Takes Advantage of Dockside Views

A traditional home located on the edge of a lake was expanded north in 3 levels to create an all glass volume consisting of a games room in the lower level, the kitchen on the main level and a family room + bathroom up on the 3rd level. The new zones are connected to the original home via glass walkways and a short walk across a well-manicured lawn takes you to the dock for a relaxing reprieve on the water. The site is steep and the new addition nestles into the landscape with a flight of stairs running down beside it from the front to the back but once in the backyard the terrain evens out to a gentle slope.

The facade of the home is almost all white and unlike the back of the home there is no contrast between the original home and the new addition. The original section is defined by the lack of windows on the main level and a short but long run of windows on the upper level, while the new addition exposes large expanses of window on both levels.
A new entry access is located just where the new and the old merge.
The bricked driveway leads right up to the new extension and the upper volume of the extension extends out and over to meet the driveway, creating a covered walkway that leads both to the entry and to a flight of stairs on the side of the building.
The flight of stairs leads down the steep slope to the backyard and the lake. Light posts mark the way on a small landing every 6 steps.
The view as one traverses the stairs is spectacular.
The lowest volume to the extension has the appearance of a pedestal with its smaller footprint. This allows the terrace off of the kitchen to create a covered deck area complete with outdoor pot lights. The kitchen level boasts a unique curvature to the side windows as though the facade is cradling this mid section that is further emphasized by the void created by the terrace and tempered glass rail system.
Once in the backyard the games room is easily accessible. The games room comes complete with a bar that has a lit facade as well as a pool table. If the outdoor calls, the backyard is large enough for fun and games, and there’s always the dock.
The dock is just a few feet away from the home and access to it is via a gentle grassy slope. A graceful tree offers shade for the days the sun is just too hot.
The Games Room also offers outdoor shade via the overhanging terrace above.Large sliding glass doors can be opened up for that coveted indoor – outdoor experience.
The kitchen also has that indoor – outdoor feel with the large terrace extending out past its wall of openable glass. To make the most of the view all the workstations within the kitchen are located in one long expanse of counter within the island, as is the undermount sink.
The 3rd level of the new extension is a family room complete with media centre. A large oversized leather sectional has chaises on both ends and tucked in between is a 42″ round glass top coffee table features a living edge wood base. The TV is mounted over a long bank of cabinets that stop just short of the wall to wall and floor to ceiling windows. A pair of glass Doors open for ventilation but there is a tempered glass rail system immediately outside the doors for safety.
Next to the family room and tucked up against the original part of the home is a new bathroom complete with floor to ceiling and wall to wall glass within the walk in shower.
The bathroom features glass that is not as transparent as the rest of the new rooms, ensuring a sense of privacy within the shower stall.
As day slowly transforms to night, the new addition is flooded with light both indoors and out. The light posts on the stair landings create floods of light that glow surrealistically against the landscape.
3-storey-home-addition-takes-advantage-dockside-views-16- facade night.jpg
Bathed with light from the 3 volumes, the surrounding landscape continues to be a welcoming and enjoyable place to enjoy a warm summers evening.
3-storey-home-addition-takes-advantage-dockside-views-17- facade night.jpg
Spado Architects
Photography by Kurt Kuball


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