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Creative Staircase Alternative – a penthouse with a slide

This NYC penthouse features a creative alternative to the traditional staircase. Instead you can really connect with your inner child and slide down to the first floor. Of course, you can see this modern penthouse is also equipped with a traditional staircase. Just think about the adventures that would be born if it didn’t. The owner of the home requested a slide to connect the two levels of the home and Turett Collaborative Architects realized that dream. The slide has a half tube shape and is made of steel. Especially impressive is how the slide is positioned so that a glorious view of the city can be enjoyed before embarking on the joy ride. This concept is extremely playful and the designers impressively fit the slide into this home without disrupting its modern feel. Stop over at Turett Collaborative Architects to learn more about this project.
via Design Milk.



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