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How to Create the Ultimate Man Cave

Let’s be honest, what man hasn’t dreamed about having a man cave? A place where they could bring their friends, play pool, drink a couple of beers and have a great time. The “man cave” has become quite popular and elaborate in the recent years, so elaborate there is actually a man cave that has an entire bowling aisle in it!! This has ultimately created a new generation of men who have fallen in love with having their very own man cave. So, the big question might be “how do I create the man cave of my dreams?” We have got you covered, here are the steps you need to take in order to create the ultimate man cave for you.

Choose a Room Wisely

Football themed man cave Source: Homedit.com

The first step when creating the ultimate man cave is finding the perfect room for it. There are a few important factors you need to take into consideration when choosing the perfect room.

  • Does it have the proper air ventilation and temperature control? This is an important factor to keep in mind as you want to be able to use your man cave all year round. The last thing you want to do is create the ultimate man cave, have everything set up only to discover you cannot use it during times of the year.
  • Is the room big enough? The room does not need to be one of the largest rooms in the home. However, the room does need to be big enough for you to be able to entertain your guests if you wanted to. Therefore, the room needs to be spacious. You also need to keep in mind the space of the room when you are deciding on what equipment and “toys” you want to Incorporate as part of your man cave.


Sports themed man cave with pool table. Source: Homenbc.com

Once you have selected the room that will become your new man cave it is now time to create the perfect floor plan for you. This is a very important step as this is the time when you can decide exactly what you want to set up and where. As well as if you have a specific theme for the room. This is also the step where you can locate where all the power sockets are. This is done in order to know where to place your TV and other electronics.

During the planning stage is when you want to make your big purchases. Finally get that pool table you have always wanted or the mini fridge that will remain in your man cave stocked with your favorite beer at all times. You also want to purchase the furniture that will go inside your man cave. Be sure to consider comfort as top priority, your man cave should feel as the best place to be in your home. If you are having difficulty envisioning how your man cave should look this may be the time you want to reach out to an architect. An architect can give you the push you need to make your vision reality.

Bring Your Vision to Life

The perfect gaming man cave. Source: Houzz.com

Bringing your vision to life is the fun part. Once you have decided what you want your man cave to look like and you have purchased the furniture you want and need. It is now time to bring your vision to life. However, before installing and putting the furniture together, you want to take care of any big changes. Changes such as changing the flooring or changing the color of the walls.

You also may want to consider adding Acoustic Panels. Acoustic Panels are an excellent option for a man cave as it absorbs any unwanted noise. What’s more, these panels are usually made from recycled material which makes them good for the environment.

Final Touches

Once you have put together your man cave it is now time to add the fine touches and finally make it your very own. This is the time when you want to add personal items. Items such as a mini basketball court or pictures of you and your favorite pals. It’s also the time when you want to restock your mini fridge or your bar.

Now that you have put together your take on the ultimate man cave it is now time to enjoy it with your friends and loved ones. As we grow older it becomes harder and harder to stay in touch with our friends. Having a man cave gives you the excuse to hang out with your friends more often. It will also come in handy when you want to set up frequent meetings.



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