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Home Bar Design Ideas That Are Too Enchanting To Pass Up

Since the weather has been nicer most of us have begun to entertain more often at home. With that in mind, to have the best place to entertain you want to have a bar. Home bars have become quite popular and having them be just as lavish and enchanting as outdoor ones, is key. The idea is to allow your home bar to feel like the perfect entertainment center for family and friends. The following guide will help you create a home bar design that is too enchanting to pass up.

Mix Materials

Mixing materials will allow you to blend the new with the old while bringing modern into the mix.

When in doubt of what materials to use, use them all and have fun with it. Instead of having your home bar feel like a solid area that does not blend with what you already have, blend it all together by mixing your materials. Take pieces that match your kitchen and modern bits to truly make the area come back to life. Think of this kind of bar as a resourceful one. The resources used will ensure the area feels fresh. Furthermore, you get to use material pieces you love and those that you have extra of.

Take it Outside

When in doubt, bring an unused cabinet outside and make it a budget-friendly bar.

The idea of a home bar does not limit to your indoor space. You could even take it outdoors to truly make an impact. We love the idea of bringing a bar to your porch. The idea is to bring the beauty and fun appeal of having an indoor bar and placing it outdoors where you can have a drink or two when you sit outside. Do not complicate your outdoor space, a simple table with essentials paired with a chair or two can do the trick you need.

Glass Cabinets

Add fun lights inside of your glass cabinets for a modern twist that is oh so chic.

If your bar is in the kitchen, bring it back to life by having glass cabinets. Not only will this prompt you to want to declutter your kitchen, but you will want to display your nice china as well. Think of it as the perfect way of brightening a room that needs a little bit more. Furthermore, keep your glass cabinets as minimal as possible to truly provide that modern approach.

Breakfast Bar

Paint your cabinets a fun color for an easy DIY breakfast space that still feels refreshed.

When we mention bars, we don’t necessarily mean an alcoholic beverage bar, you can have multiple bars in your home. If you want to push the envelope, consider a breakfast bar. Not only are they versatile and great to have but they give you and your guests a designed space for eating breakfast. There will no longer be the question of “where can we have breakfast?” you can direct them to your bar and allow them to serve themselves.

Bring on an Oversized Island

The more oversized the island the grander your space will feel. Consider having chairs that match your decor for the ultimate display.

What is an island good for if you can use it for multiple different reasons? That is where an oversized island will come into play. Bring in an oversized island and allow it to become the main focus of the room. Your new island should become the main statement of the room without overwhelming the décor you already have. Add sleek stools to complete the look and give it a charming farmhouse charm.


Keep the room as wooden as possible to bring that classic, rustic touch that makes the room feel warm and cozy all at once.

If you are seeking a sleek way of embracing a home bar, try a rustic touch. Rustic home décor has a sleek way of feeling cozy and fun yet so intimate and chic. One of the best ways to execute this is by having a mainly wooden display. You want to showcase as much wood as possible to bring that rustic touch front and center. Think of it as a cozier form of having your bar as the main element of your new area.

Hot Cocoa Bar

Add cookies and let Christmas in August begin.

Though we are in the summer, is there ever a wrong time to enjoy a good cup of hot cocoa? We think not! Hot cocoa is delicious all-year-round. One of those classic flavors that makes you feel warm and cozy inside. Display your favorite beverage pairings such as marshmallows, crackers, sugar and chocolate bits. Furthermore, you want to have mugs to ensure your guests feel comfortable making their drinks. Consider adding a magazine or newspaper just in case they want to sit and read while they enjoy their warm beverage.

Deck Bar

Keep your bar, sleek and sassy outdoors by adding lights

Just like the porch is an excellent space for a bar your deck is too. The deck is great to display a bar due to how much space is typically unused. Furthermore, the bar works when you are entertaining guests and don’t want to be running indoors to serve drinks. Pair your bar with your outdoor table and seating to truly bring forth a fun party aesthetic. Think of it as the cherry on top of your décor.


Add a fun seating area to complete the modern look. Furthermore, ensure your modern bar feels as sleek as possible.

Modern accents will forever be on-trend. There is something about having a modern element in a room that simply makes sense. Whether you add an ultra-modern display, or you keep your bar, sleek and cohesive, the options are endless. You want to ensure your bar stands out from the rest of your décor to make the biggest difference in the room. Your bar should standout from the rest.

Coffee Bar

The grander your coffee bar the better it will appear in the room. Give it some contrast with a dark hue.

Last but not least, consider having a coffee bar. Coffee bars are one of our favorite ideas. Not only are they versatile, but it makes sense to have them if you’re a coffee lover. If you aren’t an all-time coffee lover consider still displaying it for your guests. You might not be in love with the sweet aroma that coffee is but your family and guests might be. Just like your cocoa bar, display bits that go well with coffee, so you have everything you need in one place.

Which bar are you interested in having? Share with us below.


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