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Designer tips to create a brighter room instantly

Brightening up a dark room might seem like the ultimate difficult task to master. Though taking a room through a large renovation could fix that problem instantly, not everyone can afford to do just that. Just the act of breaking walls down, adding windows, and tearing apart rooms sounds like extensive work. Thankfully, there are foolproof tricks that will help brighten your room instantly. Here are chic, foolproof ideas that allow you to get the most out of your room with a seamless lighting source.

Brighter Art

The brighter your appeal the bolder the room will appear. Bring as much color as possible to truly create a contrasting approach.

When it comes to artwork you want to go the lighter route. The lighter your art pieces are the grander the room will be. If you have a darker room that feels empty or a bit too dark, consider adding art with bright shades that help the room feel welcoming. A bold art piece with light hues makes any room come to life with a brightening effect.

Crystal Chandelier

The bolder your chandelier the grander the room will be. Furthermore, chandeliers add a welcome touch that’s chic and welcoming.

Everyone is aware of how much the simple act of adding a light source can make any room feel brighter and grander. However, what many homeowners tend to forget is how much light bounces off of a chandelier. Take a crystal chandelier and make it the focus of the room by having it be your big/bold statement piece. Furthermore, pair it with other smaller light sources and have that make the blend in with your lighting seamlessly.

Bold Wallpaper

If you truly want to go bold with your wallpaper consider a vintage floral approach. Doing so gives you that contrast without overpowering your other decorative bits.

One decorating style that seems to never run out of style is neutral décor, however, that style isn’t for everyone. Reason why going the opposite direction can be key. Bring in a bold wallpaper and maximize the space and your decorating style. Furthermore, this form of decorating enables you to use as much of your personality as possible. Keep it chic and optimal by using bright shades that are woven into your beloved pattern.

Light Wood Flooring

Give your light wood a contrasting approach by adding a rug. Rugs are perfect for a multilayered look that is effortless and easy to create.

When a space requires additional lighting it is best to opt for light wood flooring. Light wood works great due to how charming it is in general. Lightly stained floors are also great for a heavily trafficked room as they are excellent at masking scratches, and other tidbits that can make darker wood appear dingy after a while. It’s about creating an open and airy area that’s bright and chic. Work in a rug or two to complete the look.

Hang Mirrors

Use identical mirrors to truly create that cohesive that makes the room feel grand and open.

Yes, you read that correctly, start by hanging mirrors. There’s no better way to embrace a room that needs additional lighting than to bring in mirrors. You want to work with mirrors that are in a multitude of sizes, and shapes. The more unique your mirror is the more dimension your space will have. Furthermore, do not forget mirrors bounce light off of them so it’s extremely great for walls that are missing a hint of openness in general.

Go Translucent

For that translucent vibe consider going with fun clear chairs that make any room feel grander and more appealing than anything in the room.

Remove any dark and heavy areas and furniture pieces you might have and select a translucent item. Whether that is using translucent or lighter curtains, or completely changing the furniture pieces you want to go for lighter shades that are almost too sheer to ever feel heavy. Pair your translucent items with darker bits to create a soft contrast that also works in brightening the room.

Sky Blue Ceilings

The lighter the ceiling the more welcoming the room will feel. Go bold by creating a contrast that feels chic all at once.

The color blue tends to be one of those shades that remind us of being outdoors. Reason why it can make such a big impact when you want to brighten your room. Consider painting your ceiling blue and having it mimic the beautiful sky that illuminates our world every single day. To add a personalized flair bring in a chic blue and gold wallpaper that will further showcase that innovative appeal.

Use Metallics

The deeper your metallics the brighter the room will feel. Work with multiple shades of metal to create a contemporary feel.

Think about it, metallic jewelry tends to have a brightening finish. Furthermore, they tend to add a glamorous feel to anything you wear. The goal is to make your living space feel bright, airy, chic, and luxurious. To achieve that bring in bits of gold and have it displayed brazenly. You want to bring in furniture pieces that have a metallic aspect to them. Whether that is a chair with metallic armrest or a dining table with a metallic finish.

Replace your Chairs with Stools

Blend your stools with dining table, chairs for a cohesive that happens easily and quickly.

The simple act of replacing large chairs with stools will instantly brighten up a room. Stools are small and chic, making them perfect for a space that feels dreary or even a bit boring. Furthermore, you can add color and textured stools to fully showcase what you want to convey out of that specific room.

White or Neutral Color Scheme

Blend lighter hues to fully embrace the room with a pastel hint. Work with 2 shades to make the room feel as grand and open as possible.

Instead of getting too busy with your décor opt for a white or a neutral color scheme. Doing so allows you to get creative with your décor in all of the right ways. It will enhance what you have and the size of the room without overwhelming the space. It’s all about going bright and airy without taking the room by storm. Work with blended neutral to create dimension and appeal while still being cohesive and authentic to your decorating style.

When it comes to brightening a room, how do you do it? Share with us your tips and tricks below.



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