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Kitchen Work Bench Table – B2 Long Walnut Table by Balthaup

If you like traditional touches with a modern edge, then here is the kitchen work bench table for you! The B2 walnut table by German company Balthaup highlights two very different styles of design: the warm, rustic look of natural-finish walnut combined with the cool, contemporary side of stainless steel. In unison, these two opposing elements work in harmony to achieve a unique and modern look. The country-chic aesthetic of this work bench style table will do well in any kitchen, whether it is modern, traditional or eclectic by design. And the B2 table will equally complement your stainless steel appliances, or your farmhouse-style wood floors and cabinets. Pair it with some stools, or even some bench style seating and you’re ready for a feast! For more information visit Balthaup



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