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Copper Sinks by Native Trails – rustic copper

copper-sinks-native-trails .jpg
Copper sinks are just starting to get really popular … and the Maestro rustic sinks from Native Trails is one copper bathroom collection you definitely need to know about. Made from 15 Gauge Copper, hand hammered and tempered, these sinks are easy to care about and will add artful uniqueness and warmth to your bathroom. What makes copper so attractive is the ability to naturally patina over time. Plus, according to manufacturer, copper has natural antibacterial properties which kill bacteria such as E. coli in a matter of hours, while other materials allow them to survive for weeks. Choose from natural, antique, tempered and, a very unusual on copper, brushed nickel finish. Shown above is the Maestro Petit Vessel CPS366 in Tempered Copper Finish. Visit Native Trails for details.

Below is the Maestro Bajo Vessel CPS566 in Brushed Nickel Finish:


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