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Crazy Cool Kids Bedroom Ideas

Do you remember what your childhood bedroom looked like? Was it the room you had always envisioned? Most likely not, and if it was, it sure, was not as cool and fun as these ideas. While most areas of the home tend to be upgraded once or twice a year, the kids’ room usually does not. Keeping that in mind, it might be time to consider redecorating your child’s room and giving them the cool space, they deserve. Here’s our guide on how to do just that.

Fun Wallpaper

When selecting the fun wallpaper for the room, consider a repetitive pattern that flows with the theme that you’re trying to create.

When it comes to the walls in your child’s room, you want to take it up a notch by having a fun wallpaper. Wallpaper is one of those decorating bits that always bring a personalized twist to any room. You want to do just that by taking one of the largest walls in your kids’ room and creating a bold display with a daring wallpaper.

Black & White

Take your black and white room to the next level by adding a cool chalkboard wall that allows your child to get creative at any given time.

Do not feel discouraged when you want to take a simple approach to your child’s room, particularly if you want to use hues of black and white. While these colors might not seem “child-friendly” it creates the perfect blank canvas for further decorating. Additionally, it allows you to add color, and pattern without interrupting your current layout.


Add fun, ethereal string lights above the bed to create a whimsical updated approach.

If you are on a mission to transform your daughters’ room, creating a dreamy aesthetic using a light and airy color palette is the way to go. Keep your décor minimal with hints of color and dainty décor to ensure the room feels almost like a personal oasis away from the rest of the world. Pair your dainty décor with a faux fur rug or a day bed that feels calming and cozy.

Vintage Chic

Add one vintage statement piece to ensure the room feels bold and daring while still being easy on the eye.

Sometimes all a room needs is a unique vintage touch to come back to life. If you don’t necessarily want to completely change the appeal of your kids’ room, consider adding a vintage chic twist. The key is adding a vintage piece and centering your décor around it. Doing so will add just the right amount of vintage while keeping the room’s natural aesthetic.

Gallery Wall

If you do not want to add a gallery filled with images consider adding items displayed that feel unique to your child.

Why not display your favorite images in your child’s room? When you have a blank wall, you want to consider filling it up with images that make them happy or artwork. In this case, you want to consider having a gallery wall as the main focus of the room. The key is having an abundance of images that embrace the size of the room while still adding to your decorative appeal.

Personal Color Scheme

Add your color scheme to your ceiling to fully bring your decor together, regardless of the decor bits you might have.

Instead of using a single-color palette that will work with the décor of the room, take your child’s personal favorite colors to consider and create a personal color scheme. The idea is to make your child feel as involved with the new renovations as possible. Doing so will make them want to be in their room as much as possible.

Fun Homework Station

Add a fun table or chair pairing to make the workstation feel more personal. Additionally, consider adding bold letters for just the right amount of personality.


Let’s face it, homework is not anyone’s favorite thing to do, however; by adding a fun station your child will be more inclined to want to do homework on a regular basis. Consider displaying fun books and needed essentials to bring that homework designed space feel yet, add bold colors for a fun twist. If your child has a specific color or pattern they love, consider weaving it into your décor to make your child’s station feel as personal to them as possible.

Bold Light Fixture

Consider fun lights with unique shapes to create a fun display on your ceiling.

Regardless, of what room you are decorating, adding a bold light fixture adds a unique bit that enhances the rooms overall appeal. Furthermore, when considering the light fixture to use, you want to focus on the size of the space. The smaller the room the higher you want the ceilings to feel, which means you want to consider a large fixture to achieve a grander feeling display.


A minimal room does not need to be boring it needs to feel grand without feeling overwhelming or cluttered. Keep a sleek style in order to enhance your decor.

Sometimes all a room needs is minimal yet meaningful décor. Having minimal décor works great with any decorative style due to how little you need while making a statement. This works exceptionally well in smaller rooms that already have some sort of layout redesigned. Add just the right amount of decorating bits to complete the look.


Go all out when it comes to adding a luxurious appeal, the larger the better. As the point is to make a bold statement.

Nothing makes a child feel more “grown-up” than having a luxury room. Luxury works well in a room because it feels more upscale yet modern all at once while being cool and fun. The idea is to have bits of luxury that do not overwork the room or the room’s structure. Consider pairing a luxury item with traditional pieces to soften the look.

Are you looking to upgrade your kids’ bedroom? If so, share with us how you will be redecorating your kids’ room below.


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