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Contemporary Bathroom Sinks from GSG Ceramic – the cool Race sink designs

GSG Ceramic Design sinks Race
The Race contemporary bathroom sinks from Ceramica GSG are eye-catching in a pleasantly puzzling sort of way. Their deep, intense colors and slightly asymmetrical design with a cut-out piece makes them appear to be parts of a game. The fact that they fit together nicely, if you require a double sink, or more than two, likewise reinforces the feeling that the sinks are interlocking pieces. Whilst richly colored, the sinks remain unobtrusive, complementing your bathroom decor rather than dominating it. The Race sink is part of a range of bathroom furniture from Ceramica GSG, giving you the opportunity to select this unique sink on its own, or match various pieces for a totally unified look. Known for their fresh approach to bathroom design, Ceramica GSG will broaden your horizons.
GSG Ceramic Design sink in pink

GSG Ceramic Design sink in green


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