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Bathroom Ideas: Convertible Shower by Rexa

If you can’t decide between the convenience of a shower and the luxury of a bath, you can have your cake and eat it too with this cool new convertible shower by Rexa. The Italian bathroom company created this all-in-one bath-shower design to satisfy both ends of the bathing spectrum, making it an ideal addition to small bathrooms that previously had to sacrifice one for the other, and for those who share a space with their bathing opposite. Going from shower to bathtub is as easy as removing the detachable shower floor slats – which look great, by the way. The dark, woody finish of the laminate slats is the perfect complement to the tub’s minimalist shape and color. The tub itself is made from Korakril – a combination of acrylic resins and natural minerals – that gives it its signature smooth look and modern, minimalist appeal. The tub measures 180 by 90 by 55 cm. Learn more by visiting Rexa Design.



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