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Contrasting Neutrals Create Exciting Drama in Apartment

contrasting neutrals create exciting drama apartment 1 dining thumb 630xauto 41506 Contrasting Neutrals Create Exciting Drama in Apartment

While most people use colour to create visual interest within their interiors, Nasciturus Design has chosen to use contrasts of either white and black or white and brown to create the ultimate pops of drama within a Warsaw, Poland apartment. The view to the dining room shows just how exciting neutrals can be with the jet black chandelier highlighted against the all white backdrop of the walls as it overlooks the black and chrome chairs and the glass topped but bulbously turned black legs of the table. Even the central column pops with black within its void – no colour but wow, its stunning.

contrasting neutrals create exciting drama apartment 2 dining thumb autox944 41508 Contrasting Neutrals Create Exciting Drama in Apartment

Even the crystals on the chandelier are black. It’s such a Goth moment but at the same time so incredibly elegant.


The kitchen, just around the corner from the dining area is filled with white cabinets topped with a solid surface black counter, black pendants over the bar and black upholstered bar stools. There is less excitement in this space, but this is typical of most kitchens. The attention, after all should be on the food. What I like about this more subdued approach to neutrals is the cubically shaped pendants. They add a triple touch of 3 dimensional geometry that creates repetitive pattern where otherwise there is none.


The living room on the other side of the dining room looks out over the view. Here, shades of brown are mixed with the black and white colour scheme but black is still present within the coffee table and media unit. Pattern is introduced through the veining on the marble wall, the grout lines within the two columns in the room, and of course via the soft textures within the upholstery and the area rug. By the way, did you notice the view – amazing.


That amazing view can be fully appreciated from the outdoor terrace that runs the length of the apartment. The terrace is large enough for an outdoor lounge and dining area as well as an outdoor place to sleep – and who wouldn’t want to curl up on this outdoor daybed for a few zzz’s? Love it.


Catching a few zzz’s on the outdoor day bed is great during nice weather, but when it’s not so nice outside, this incredibly comfy sectional is another great place for napping as well as socializing – its easily got room to sit 6 comfortably! When its time to turn in for the night, a hallway just behind the sofa leads to the two bedrooms as well as a bathroom and an office.


The office features a bold and beautiful wallpaper that would have been too overpowering for the space if it covered a complete wall. Luckily the designer covered only a portion of the wall with the wallpaper and then creatively framed it with architectural trim


The guest bedroom also features a bold pattern on the headboard wall, but since this space is not seen from the bed, the pattern is not overpowering to those using the room.


The hall bathroom leaves all bold moments behind and instead presents a more Zen atmosphere within its veined brown marble surfaces and white cabinetry. If Zen is not the preferred atmosphere to those enjoying a bath, a TV within the wall can easily switch the mood.


The Master Suite also presents a Zen aesthetic and features the same marble within its ensuite as used in the hall bath. Aside from the veining within the marble and the graining within the wood floor and wall panels, the only pattern within the room is the large tufting on the headboard panel and the voids within the chair frame.


Nasciturus Design
Photography by Yassen Hristov



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