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Continuous Wire Chair by Wilde + Spieth: CU!

continuous wire chair by wilde spieth 1 thumb 630x379 27306 Continuous Wire Chair by Wilde + Spieth: CU!

This modern wire mesh chair from Wilde + Spieth is one continuous piece of wire – no screws, no soldered bits and bobs, nothing to break the smooth sleek lines. And nothing to interrupt the strength of function – this chair is very sturdy. And they’re stackable, to save you space (up to 10 chairs). Named CU!, the design is Asian inspired and created by Indian native, Avinash Shende. Available in assorted colors or industrial metal finish, these high end pieces have a Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome feel (especially the metal finish). The concave seats look incredibly comfortable and did we mention no connector pieces to stick out or catch on materials? Seat and back cushions are available and the sliders on the feet are removable if you want to use the chair(s) on carpet. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and easy to move (and store). How awesome would these be in a loft apartment? Or scattered around the patio out back. They’d make great kitchen chairs, especially in an industrial setting. Let’s face it — they’re just great chairs!

continuous wire chair by wilde spieth 2 thumb 630x512 27308 Continuous Wire Chair by Wilde + Spieth: CU!

These chairs remind us of the Buckminster Fuller geodome.


More information: Wilde + Spieth



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