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Contemporary view house in Mexican paradise

Here’s an interesting house design in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico that is all about the views. Elias Rizo Arquitectos designed this contemporary home with an eye outward, always looking toward the heavenly horizon. It is from this vantage point that this modern, vertical design came together. It’s almost like a home sliced in half, its glass facade showcasing a cross-section of life within. Depending on how to look at it, this house is as much about the view in as it is the view out. Here’s a tour.

Making the most of the panoramas and of the sultry climate, this resort-style house plan incorporates expansive outdoor living areas, like open terraces on every level, which are sheltered and separated by natural wood panels, giving this modern house a connection to the earth. At ground level, an inviting aqua pool stretches alongside an alfresco lounging and dining area, complete with a barbecue for outdoor cooking at its finest. A sliding glass wall opens to the indoor living room, dining area and kitchen.
From street view, this house is very unassuming, with its low, unpretentious profile peeking over the street. Its casual-cool look features a flat single level (at least, what looks like a single level from this side!) enclosed in a wide, wood-slat wall and a steel grate gate.
Gated but not closed off, the perforated facade affords onlookers and visitors a sneak peek at what’s hidden behind this humble exterior. Illuminated from within, the home’s warm with wood details, and at the same time cool with its open rear wall overlooking the water.
You would never guess it, but beyond the main entry is a world of luxury and unrivalled views, waiting to be seen and enjoyed.
As you continue through the home’s entrance – which is an experience unto itself! – natural yet luxurious materials like wood, stone and marble keep it rooted to its Eden-esque surroundings. Though earthy and organic, this home’s contemporary style hits you instantaneously. Glass balconies lead you toward the open view – a temptation you just can’t resist.
This little wood walk-out brings an alluring new meaning to the term, “walk the plank,” seeming to launch you out into the watery paradise on the horizon. The walkway is enclosed in frameless glazed half-walls that deliver safety without compromising the view.
Glance down to catch the swirling waves lapping at the rocky shoreline directly below you.
A little further off in the distance, sparkling city lights and deep blue bay are visible from every point in this home. These prime vistas remain unobstructed thanks to barely-there glass walls enclosing the pool-sides, patio and balconies.
Interiors are the epitome of contemporary cool, awash in a minimalist white backdrop, but warmed up with driftwood details and furniture inspired by nature. Natural light illuminates every nook and cranny.
The kitchen echoes the home’s modern yet earthy style sentiment, featuring crisp white upper cabinets and floors in contrast to the deep wood lowers, and marble countertops and backsplash veined with black, white and every shade of grey. Like a black-and-white photo, the look is timeless.
Expansive glazing extends sightlines as far as the eye can see, creating the illusion of endless interiors. Just on the other side of the glass, balconies boast neat exterior landscaping that transforms them into outdoor living areas.
The interiors are distinctly ultra-modern, with organic elements that keep calling back to nature. Not that you’d forget the outdoors, with panoramas like these!
The views are framed by the terraces’ wood walls and overhead shelters, offering a seamless transition from indoors out.
The master bedroom is a veritable dream, featuring a gauzy palette of white walls, white floors and a white-curtained four-posted bed that defines this cool, sweet retreat. A sliding, slatted wood wall lets slivers of light stream in and when opened, the double doors flood the room with bright sunlight.
At the other side of the bed, a wood wall separates the sleeping area from the ensuite bath. In front of this partition, an amazing, raw driftwood table showcases the beauty that nature is capable of.
Looking in, this bathroom is a luxurious spa retreat of marble, porcelain and glass. This delicate white space is a haven from the hectic day-to-day. (Not that this resort-style house has a single hectic inch of space, from what we can see!)
Looking out, this bathroom makes you feel like you’re bathing in the outdoors. Floor-to-ceiling glass walls transform this bathroom into a pseudo alfresco space.
This wonderful white-and-wood combination is an ongoing trend throughout this whole house, creating a sense of continuity as you effortlessly float your way from room to room.
The view from above instantly draws your eye to the swimming pool below – an aquamarine spot among the surrounding stone landscape.
But if we’re comparing views, this view from the pool is the ultimate scene, with the cool blue pool melting into the sea blending into the sky.
Elias Rizo Arquitectos
photo credit: Marcos Garcia
via Contemporist


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