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Contemporary Small Kitchen Design Ideas

When it comes to constructing your small kitchen, getting creative is key. Bringing a creative touch might sound simple but, in all actuality, it can be a bit difficult. Whether that be due to minimal square footage or not knowing how to make the most out of the room you have, small kitchens can be hard to decorate. Keeping that in mind, here is a guide on contemporary small kitchen design ideas to inspire your next renovations.

Black & White

While working with black and white you want to take one of those hues and make it the statement piece of the room while allowing the other shade to blend with the rest of your decor.

While contemporary kitchens might call for daring colors, the simple use of black and white blended together can make a huge difference. Do not be fooled while these are easy colors to work with when they are displayed in a pattern form, they become grand with just the right amount of beauty. Add a bold hue here and there to make the room have character without taking away from the black and white hues.

Glossy Blue

Pair your glossy finish with a fun wallpaper for a beautiful contrast that flows well with your glossy blue cabinets.

Speaking of contemporary, could we possibly have an article on modern décor without mentioning color? Possibly, but would it make sense? Possibly not! Not only is color on trend, but for a contemporary touch, we are looking at glossy blue. This time around, it’s all about cabinets that have a shiny finish and colors that can’t be avoided.


When going with a sleek look for your decor, you want to stick to having as little additional decor as possible. The idea is to keep the decor minimal yet fun.

Decorating your kitchen in a sleek manner works well for any type of decorating style. The key is utilizing your entire square footage, making the room have that cohesive sleek aesthetic. You want to have only the items that you truly need. Forget about the decorative bits that you don’t need necessarily need and take into consideration adding fun pieces such as a daring light fixture or even a painting

Custom Bar

The key to having a kitchen bar is having the right items and allowing them to make a statement on their own.

If you have a sweet tooth or in love with drinking a cup of coffee every morning, consider the idea of having a custom bar. Custom bars great when you have them fully equipped with everything, you’ll need in one single place. You want your bar to become the highlight of the room, from any and every angle in the room.

Bright & Airy

The brighter the room the better. You want to add a few nudes to ensure the space feels as brightening as possible.

Light hues work great in smaller spaces due to how brightening they are. If your kitchen is tiny, give it a bright and airy aesthetic. This can be done by using pastels, bold hues of white or a blend of both. You want to stay away from darker tones as they tend to bring a concave appearance to any room. Furthermore, an open floor plan will work best to emphasize having an airy aesthetic.

Modern Neutral

Make sure your cabinet knobs are the same brass hue as your light fixtures for a beautiful seamless touch.

If you already have neutral’s in your kitchen accentuate them by adding brass finishes. In order to do just that you want to add a brass finish daring light fixture. Having your light fixture have a daring twist to it by having a brass finish works great as it doesn’t take away from the preexisting neutrals. Pair your brass light fixtures with other brass finish bits around in the kitchen.

Charming Charcoal

The beauty between black and charcoal gray is a fine line, so you want to make sure you add brightening hues that make the gray feel as crisp as possible.

Charcoal is coming in strong this time of year, which is great for those that want to bring an early fall vibe to your décor. Use a rich charcoal hue as the main statement of the room by having it displayed as part of your cabinetry. Your cabinets should be one singular hue of charcoal while the rest of the kitchen can make use of going bold with your décor.

Stylish Island

Consider a vivid hue as part of your seating for a fun display that enhances any decor you currently have.

Bring a vibrant twist to your kitchen by enhancing your island. In order to enhance your island, you want to add cool seating. When it comes to cool seating you want to bring in bar stools. Bar stools work due to how efficient they can be while still bringing color and texture right where you need it. Furthermore, consider having a set of textured stools to truly make the room have that focal point.

Breakfast Nook

Pair your nook with color to make the room feel as grand yet soft as possible. The idea is to add an edge to your current kitchen decor, while still being cohesive.

Having a breakfast nook works great because it gives your kitchen an additional purpose. Not only will you be able to prepare meals, but you have the ability to eat them in a designated area as well. Make your breakfast nook the focus of your kitchen by making comfort the key element. The more comfortable your nook is the grander the effect it will make in the room.

Vibrant Colors

Consider having a daring color as part of your cabinets to make your kitchen feel grandiose yet fun regardless of the size.

Instead of having a single colored room, bring a vibrant touch by displaying multiple vibrant hues. The key to displaying a multitude of colors is pairing it with white. White is the perfect mixing medium as it brightens the room in an overall manner, while still allowing you to work in as many hues as you would like. Work in the daring hues together for a sleek display that is still fun.

Time to bring vibrancy into your small kitchen design. Please share with us which of these ideas you prefer.


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