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Contemporary Kitchen with a Rustic Twist

abk contemporary kitchen with rustic twist Contemporary Kitchen with a Rustic Twist
This fruity kitchen by ABK is inviting with its contemporary design and mix of materials and elements. Modern Italian tile has been used along the entire wall area, creating an extension of the backsplash and a larger canvas for the tile pattern. The colors play between pink, rust and strawberry tones, staying far away from the bright red diner look. Framing the modern tiles are the wood beams and wood flooring, which add a rustic charm; however, this charm is directly opposed by the large amount of silver and chrome used in the cabinetry and seating. The white lacquered island grounds the kitchen and is highlighted with a modern hanging light and four bright bar stools, creating a perfect area for casual entertainment. This kitchen various and colorful styles are sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys the blend of contemporary and rustic ideas.



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