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Contemporary Kitchen from Tomassi Cucine – Andromeda kitchen

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Chic urban looks make the Andromeda contemporary kitchen from Tomassi Cucine the latest kitchen to embody cosmopolitan style. Modern and bold, the Andromeda kitchen’s vivid colors are not for the faint-hearted. Rather, those with strength of character will see the kitchen’s sharp design and bright hues as an expression of their vitality and unique personality. Striking combinations of black and yellow, or red and grey, look great in high-quality, high-gloss material. Without distracting and unnecessary frills, the slot handle of the Andromeda kitchen disappears to provide a totally linear aspect. With functionality in mind, the countertops feature rounded edges and flush tops to ensure hygiene. Another gorgeous contemporary kitchen from Tomassi Cucine, the Andromeda kitchen surprises and delights.



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