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Contemporary Glass Vanity by Antonio Lupi – Brillante

Ideal for modern bathrooms, this Brillante vanity is a contemporary glass vanity by Italy’s Antonio Lupi. The chic, linear design is made from clear glass and boasts a purist aesthetic sans screws, nails or any unsightly hardware. This contemporary vanity features a clear 20mm-thick top with an integrated glass sink at the center. At its base, adjustable brushed stainless steel feet are understated yet elegant, designed to match with your stainless faucets and fixtures for a coordinated look. Below the sink, there’s storage space for all your primping essentials, concealed out of sight. The nice thing about this cool glass vanity is its simplicity – it allows you to play with your bathroom design and incorporate art or accessories without overcrowding the space. It’s also ideal for small bathrooms, since visually it takes up so little space. The glass vanity measures 85cm high by 54cm deep, with a length of 126 to 180cm. Check out this cool vanity design at Antonio Lupi.



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