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Contemporary Glass Pendants from W.A.C. Lighting – the Galapagos ceiling pendants

Glass shades of brilliant colour, the Galapagos ceiling pendants offer artisan quality as well as environmental design. In the Galapagos, energy efficient pendants are draped in conical glass shades speckled in colour like an impressionist painting. Several vibrant patterns have been created by the skilled glass artisans at W.A.C. Lighting. These ceiling pendants are available in a blue/green, blue/red, red/green and mixed colour patterns. The hand blown shades are 12 inches wide and 12 inches tall, perfect for over islands and kitchens. Supported by hardware in a range of finishes such as black, bronze, chrome, platinum and white, they can be matched to existing decorative hardware. Contemporary glass pendants that add artistic colour and character to interior designs, the Galapagos ceiling pendants are available from W.A.C. Lighting.


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