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Contemporary Fireplace from Arkiane – Kephren fireplace

The pyramid shape of the Kephren fireplace from Arkiane makes it a contemporary fireplace with ancient roots. The appeal of the 4-sided pyramid shape is ageless, and the style of the Kephen contemporary fireplace will endlessly intrigue your family and guests alike. The fabulous central installation possibilities of the fireplace mean that you can feel close to the primitive power of fire everyday – in a way only previously known with campfires or bonfires. You can place the fireplace wherever you like, perhaps at an angle, or elevated – the flames can be viewed from all four sides. The design is sure to be admired for its apparent smokeless flames: the magic is created by a system of smoke evacuation from underneath, the smoke funnelled into a horizontal tube and released through a chimney. Gather your loved ones for an indoor adventure around the Kephen fireplace from Arkiane.


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