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Contemporary Family Home in Poland Will Give Your Ideas

mode:lina architekci designed a contemporary family home so well, you’d want to borrow a few ideas for yourself. First thing that catches the eye is its cool contrasting reinvented pitched roof facade that gives the house unique appearance.

Second to it comes the huge window that repeats the right dark house-shaped element. Even though the upper level seems to be reserved for private areas, it still enjoys plenty of daylight and forest views.

Contemporary home in Poland
Bedroom has full view of the green outside

The lower level houses open plan kitchen, dining, and living room – all of which seem as if they are completely separate rooms. All the while floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors give visual and physical access to the green outdoors.

Untreated wood and concrete are central to molding the interior, while the white plaster and black steel make up a base for it.

Red retro car decorates one of the concrete walls in the house, while an extensive library with a long desk ensures plenty of cultured entertainment for the family’s kids.

Contemporary Family Home Design Ideas

Two wings stand as one
Small garage looks like an extension of the home
Immediate area covered in polish concrete separates the lawn from the home
Living room has full view of the outdoors
Living area ends with a patterned rug
A glass box entry separates the living room and kitchen
Generous glass inclusions open up to beautiful views
Concrete kitchen island works as a breakfast bar
Contemporary stools instantly give the wood and concrete combination more contemporaneity
Immediate landscaped area
Adjoining dining area features a tableware cabinet
Modernist chairs make up the dining set
Dining room look cozy with a wooden feature wall
The window on the second level also allows to see halway art from below
Visual communication is important in contemporary homes
Sliding wooden doors never fail to look cool
Console+art make for a proven and tested halway decor
The sliding mechanism is as decorative
Glass transom above bed is a good alternative to an artwork
Sliding barn doors provide the bedroom with privacy
Bedroom has full view of the green outside
Natural wood doors lead every which way
Wall-to-wall wooden vanity provides space for his and her sinks and more
Huge bathroom mirrors are a trend
Kids room
There’s plenty of storage to keep it neat
Each kid has his own bed castle
And reading lamp
Glasses-shaped bathroom mirror is a playful detail for kids bath
Ladder storage looks modern and cool
Concrete looks great in contrast with white plaster

Cool House Addition Ideas

Glass staircase railing always makes for an airy look
Wide doorways allow to easily peek inside the rooms without entering them
A very special wall niche
Concrete and red go well together
Protective glass to keep history intact
Hallway benches may not be as practical as they are decorative
Natural wood shows through in the doorways a lot
Reclaimed wood furnishings make up a home library
A long desk provides plenty of space to start a book club

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