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Concealed Kitchen – studio kitchen ideas for small spaces by Fendi Casa

Call it “culinary couture” – Fendi has sashayed off the runway and into the kitchen with this latest decor venture. In true European fashion, this concealed kitchen by Fendi Casa is multifunction at its best. Ideal for small city homes, compact condos and cool lofts where space is at a premium, this kitchen for small spaces is multifunction at its best. Concealed behind its luxurious wardrobe doors adorned with the signature Fendi logo, this studio kitchen idea has it all – a stove, sink, microwave, coffee maker, refrigerator and dishwasher, all in one handy spot. This small kitchen measures only 246cm wide. The exterior of lacquered wood comes in black, chocolate or ivory, with Fendi’s signature opposing F’s in a satin finish. Inside, the look is retro with interior doors and surfaces finished in stainless steel. Glass shelves offer lots of stylish storage space, while pull-drawers and sliding doors bring function to style. This awesome, modern concealed kitchen is the wave of the future. Check it out at Fendi Casa.



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