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Compact House Design – Nature-Inspired New York Nook

Designed for a historian to house his most-prized possessions – his books – this unique compact house design of 850-sq.-ft., complete with a writing studio and library, is the perfect place to sit, study, read, write, listen to music or just relax among the trees here in Long Island, New York. “The building was conceived as a mutable presence in the landscape,” says architect Andrew Berman. The home’s unusual copper-clad facade reflects the ever-changing colors of nature. A simple, wood-framed glass door opens to the V-shaped house plan. Angled out are the north and south facades of an ever-expanding interior that’s flooded with natural light through the large windows throughout. The double-height entrance leads to the kitchen and bathroom, and the working and entertainment areas at the read of the home. “The interior is defined by douglas fir, books and light,” explains the architect. Stairs lead up to a cantilevered second floor, nine ft. above the ground overlooking the treetops of the forest. This overhanging upper floor provides a covered ground-floor patio – a great spot for al fresco reading. Andrew Berman Architect
via Architectural Record via Cool Boom
photo credit: Michael Moran



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