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Compact Bio-home Furnished by Clei: Green Kinder House

Italian compact furniture maker Clei has teamed up with designer Massimiliano Mandarini to create this smart and sustainable house design. Green Kinder House has a whimsical look with a wonderful silhouette which includes a traditional shaped roof coupled with a cantilevered upper level clad in green plantings that create a garden in the sky and an apt introduction to this “green” zero-impact house.

compact bio home furnished by clei green kinder house 1 thumb 630x436 8689 Compact Bio home Furnished by Clei: Green Kinder House

compact bio home furnished by clei green kinder house 2 thumb 630x409 8691 Compact Bio home Furnished by Clei: Green Kinder House

Recessed windows offer privacy without compromising views or natural light. At both levels, colored class gives a lovely focal point to the white facade.


Interiors, though small, are smart to maximize every inch of available living space, and then some! The two-level home puts a public space on the main floor and an apartment upstairs, where efficient and multi-functional furniture makes this home live much larger than its actual size. The open floor plan does away with pesky walls that only eat up livable space. Rather than dividing rooms with walls, the home’s flexible functions are defined mainly by its furnishings.
The living area features a sofa that slides into three positions, allowing the user to arrange the seating as desired. But there’s more to this sofa than meets the eye! It’s actually a Murphy bed that sleeps two and conveniently folds out of the way when not in use.


The next stop on the grand tour is the Poppi Theatre, which is a versatile entertainment/sleeping area. This convertible system consists of a single foldaway bed topped by a wall-mounted shelf and room for a television, with cables conveniently tucked out of sight.


The house also has a linear kitchen that includes all the essentials typically found in full-sized homes.


See? It really is possible to sleep three sustainably and in style!
For information is available by visiting Clei.



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