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Commercial French Fry Cutter from Chefs and French Fries Recipe

If you consider French fries a food group, the Commercial French Fry Cutter from Chefs Catalog is the hot must-have gadget for your kitchen. Ideal for made-to-order servings at home or in a commercial setting, this industrial fry maker takes the tedium out of French fry cutting. Simply position your potato, pull the lever, and voila! You get restaurant-style French fries without the fuss. The cutter features heavy-duty cast-iron construction and a carbon steel frame that’s built to last. A non-slip silicone bowl and suction-cup feet create a steady base for this lean, mean machine. Two industrial vertical blades are removable for easy cleaning, and cut perfect 1/3- or 1/2-inch fries every time. Buy the Commercial French Fry Cutter for $99.99 at Chefs Catalog.

And check out this French Fries Recipe – Classic Pommes Frites to enjoy with your favorite mayonnaise for a Belgian flair!


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