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Eggnog Glasses and Recipe for Christmas

eggnog glasses chefs Eggnog Glasses and Recipe for Christmas

These Eggnog Glasses from Chefs really caught my eye. Knowing that enjoying egg nog is something that my family looks forward to each Christmas, and being a designer I thought of something that would make an unusual statement, and so this time around the Eggnog Glasses from Chefs will help me with my beautiful holiday table presentation. Made in Italy, these glasses are dishwasher-safe. They will serve you for many different occasions, from large dinners to private cocktail receptions. Available in four styles, a set of 6 Eggnog highballs would make a perfect Christmas gift. Prices start at $9.99 per glass (on huge sale right now). And don’t forget to include the Eggnog recipes – here are few of my favorites to choose from:

Egg nog recipe by Alton Brown at Food Network
Christmas Eggnog recipe
Martha Stewart Classic Eggnog recipe
Decadently Deluxe Eggnog from the Chefs Kitchen
Enjoy it! Have a Happy and Healthy Holidays!
eggnog recipe martha stuart Eggnog Glasses and Recipe for Christmas
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