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Comfortable, Colorful Living Room Furniture by Leolux

Saola is a super comfortable, super functional compact, fully adjustable swivel chair for the ultimate in relaxation. Designed by Joachim Nees for Leolux, Saola dispenses with the usual bulky silhouette of most recliners and instead offers everything you need within a slender profile – it even has side panels for you head to rest on an angle – how clever is that?

With the footrest in the up position and the super soft cushions, the ergonomic Saola is the perfect place to relax while reading, listening to music or watching TV. The refined details of Saola and its soft pleated cushions create a snuggable adjustable seat that is luxuriously contemporary and with base options of stainless steel or lacquer, it can easily work with most decor schemes.
When its time to sit up, the wireless remote control is allows you to change the seat and back settings effortlessly. Even the headrest is adjustable. If you’re worried about the battery life on the remote, simply get the rechargeable battery version. You can recharge it from the connection located within reach of your left arm. They’ve thought of everything.
Jorg Wulff and Thomas Muiller designed the Gynko sofa for Leolux with a soft round configuration and adjustable end cushions that can be folded up – or down, it’s your choice. This unusual detail adds in the fun factor, bringing an energy to the design that takes a simple profile and amps up the volume on style and intrigue. The Gynko sofa comes in two, and three seat versions and also has various modular elements, including a footstool.
Aside from the awesome seamless arm detail and the super comfy seating, the Gynko sofa also has several seat height options (standard, +1.5cm and -1.5cm). Add in the multiple cover combinations available for the inner and outer zones and this truly is a completely customizable sofa that can be amped up or down depending on your design aesthetics. I personally love the idea of one arm up and one arm down as seen here.
For those that prefer a more symmetrical aesthetic, both arms can be left in a down position for a more traditional profile or both can be left up for a more contemporary expression. Then again, you can change your mind on a daily basis and have some serious fun with it – fun is always a good thing.
The Edison Sofa designed by Christian Werner for Leolux is the ultimate leather sofa with its ultra soft finish and rich hand stitching. The buttery soft leather is upholstered in a loose, wrinkly format and the cushions are so plush that when you sink into it, the sofa literally embraces you. Aside from this awesome comfort factor, the hand stitching and cushion linking detail bring a sense of elegance to the sofa and the unique sculpting of the leg profiles are a stylishly geometric contrast to the soft, plush cushions. Comfort and style, what more could you ask for?
The Isis Table designed by Arjan Moors for Leolux is a modern expression that focuses on 3 identical legs of the same or completely different finishes in two choices of height. The legs can be finished in oiled or stained oak, or they can be finished in your choice of coloured lacquer. This makes these tables completely customizable to your preferences, layer in the fact that the 8mm thick glass tabletop can be either circular or triangular and the choices are truly unlimited. My personal favourite is to have two of these tables, one in each height, one circular and one triangular. I would then have one leg on one table in stained oak with the other two legs coloured and on the other table one leg would be in oiled oak with the other two legs in two more colours – love it.


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