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Colorful Modern Bathroom Sink from Bmood – Degree Lavabo 155° sink

Bmood Degree bathroom sink
A truly eye-catching design – the fascinating Degree Lavabo 155° modern bathroom sink is from Bmood. Each sink incorporates a lid which swings out to become a mini-counter space for soap and handcream… the function insists that the user interact with it! This makes the Degree Lavabo 155° truly likeable and engaging. When the sink is opened for use a cute pattern of flowers is revealed on the bottom of the basin. The flowers contrast with the cheerful colors of the sinks – black motifs cover the bottom of light colors such as yellow and orange, whereas white motifs grace the black sink. With the Degree Lavabo 155° sink the whole experience of washing one’s hands becomes a lighthearted and fun moment of the day. An innovative bathroom sink brought to you by Bmood.
Degree sink in orange
Degree sink in black

Degree sink installation options


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